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Fuck your thread count. What’s your gallon count?

FUX PADS are a high end solution to protecting home surfaces during advanced sex play. We are the inventor of the Deluxe FUX Orgy Pad and personal play pad. We design and create reusable, waterproof play pads to suit the needs of the individual, couple, or group. FUX PADS are made by hand and can hold a half gallon to two gallons plus of liquid depending on the size of the pad. FUX PADS are washer/dryer safe, odor resistant, stain resistant, and compatible with all bodily fluids and lubricants, including oil. Our unique side zipper pocket on the Standard FUX and Double FUX can be used to customize absorbency by adding additional layers of protection. FUX PADS have nylon loops on the sides for tethering the pads to slippery surfaces, like leather couches and chairs. 

About Us

FUX PADS is a women owned, sex positive, end-to-end ethical retailer. Most of our raw materials are from the United States and Canada. All of our production and packaging takes place in Providence, RI. We hire individuals in the community who are homebound and provide them with work from home jobs with fair pay and flexible hours. We cater to people of all genders and sexual orientations.