1. What are FUX PADS used for?

  • Developed to create a waterproof barrier on any smooth, flat surface.
  • Used for various types of sex play including masturbation, group sex, pet play, ejaculation, squirting, anal sex, water sports, penetration, menstruation, and more. 

2. How much liquid do FUX PADS hold?

  • Standard FUX: holds approximately 1/2 gallon of liquid.
  • Double FUX: holds approximately 1 gallon of liquid. 
  • Deluxe FUX: holds over two gallons of liquid.

    3. Why are FUX PADS the ideal addition to your sex play regimen?

    • Ease of cleaning makes pads practical for everyday use.
    • Slim design with luxurious, plush topper.
    • Absorbent inner core disperses liquids to avoid puddling and maintain dryness.
    • Hypoallergenic core soaks up liquids 20x faster than other materials, and absorbs 10x its weight in under two seconds. 
    • Waterproof layer keeps surfaces clean and dry.
    • Compatible with all variations of lubricant.
    • Suitable for all types of bodily fluids.

    4. How is FUX PADS socially conscious?

    • At FUX PADS we hire individuals who are homebound (stay at home parents, caregivers, and people who are physically or mentally unable to work outside the home) and we provide them with jobs they can perform at their own pace from home for a fair wage. 
    • Most of our raw materials are produced in the United States. 
    • Each pad is made by hand by members of the community. 
    • We use only high quality material to provide our customers with a durable product that will last. 

        5. What makes FUX PADS ecofriendly?

        • Made without toxic solvents.
        • Absorbent core contains only tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo, cotton, viscose and poly microfiber.
        • Reusable for over 300 washes.
        • Contains no lead, BPA, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals.

        6. How do I increase the absorbency? 

        • Open the side zipper of the Standard FUX or Double FUX and insert towels or absorbent pads. Make sure to remove inserts before washing and drying. 

        7.  What do the different sizes mean? 

        • Standard FUX: approximately 36"x 30". Fits one person or two people stacked.
        • Double FUX: approximately 60"x 36". Fits two people side by side or four people stacked. 
        • Deluxe FUX Orgy Pad: Can be made to fit just about any size bed. This play pad securely fits over existing mattress creating a waterproof barrier.