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"For a tall couple our custom Double FUX is perfect for home, and away, play. No more wet spots on home bedding. When traveling we are more comfortable having our FUX PAD as a barrier over others' furniture and bedding. The extra traction from the plush microfiber is very welcome for both of us. We absolutely love our Double FUX and will recommend to everyone we know."
L. C.
 Verified purchase
Custom print Double FUX "space cats"

"For a lesbian couple our custom Double FUX is perfect. Fluids have always been an issue, no one likes having wet spots show up on bedding or furniture after having a good time. With the FUX PAD there is no worry about clean up. Having sex while away from home is no longer uncomfortable now that we have our own portable pad we don’t having to worry about leaving unwanted or embarrassing messes. The pad itself is very soft, amazingly absorbent, easy to clean, and durable, so there are no worries about tearing or ruining the pad. We definitely recommend this production."
T. A.
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Custom print Double FUX "Star Wars"